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Moirails. by MomoXChanny Moirails. :iconmomoxchanny:MomoXChanny 17 4 One Piece OC: Gin by MomoXChanny One Piece OC: Gin :iconmomoxchanny:MomoXChanny 95 12 MY NAME IS SKRILLEX by MomoXChanny MY NAME IS SKRILLEX :iconmomoxchanny:MomoXChanny 5 8 Equinox by MomoXChanny Equinox :iconmomoxchanny:MomoXChanny 20 16 Cassiel De Mancini by MomoXChanny Cassiel De Mancini :iconmomoxchanny:MomoXChanny 63 41 CONTEST: Isaiah needs a girlfriend! by MomoXChanny CONTEST: Isaiah needs a girlfriend! :iconmomoxchanny:MomoXChanny 5 34 Emiko Sato: 3RD PROFILE by MomoXChanny Emiko Sato: 3RD PROFILE :iconmomoxchanny:MomoXChanny 8 2 MS Paint Adventures by MomoXChanny MS Paint Adventures :iconmomoxchanny:MomoXChanny 4 9 Ao No Exorcist OC Profile: Isaiah by MomoXChanny Ao No Exorcist OC Profile: Isaiah :iconmomoxchanny:MomoXChanny 41 22 Julian Winchestor by MomoXChanny Julian Winchestor :iconmomoxchanny:MomoXChanny 2 4 HIDEKI NEEDS A GIRLFRIEND: Contest + Updates! by MomoXChanny HIDEKI NEEDS A GIRLFRIEND: Contest + Updates! :iconmomoxchanny:MomoXChanny 25 96 N E R O by MomoXChanny N E R O :iconmomoxchanny:MomoXChanny 4 11
MONSTER- Chapter 2
"IZAYA!" I pounded my fist on his door so hard I was surprised Kon hadn't awoken by the force and mistaken it for violence. "IZAYA, GET YOUR ASS OUT-"
The door opened and my fist hit something soft.
"-here…" I muttered, looking down. Either Izaya had tits or I just hit a woman.
"Can I help you?"
"Ah, Namie, it's Jiro. Let him in."
Oh. Was this his new slave or something?
"Yep~" I hadn't realized I said that out loud until I got a serious glare from that Namie chick and a chirp from Izaya sent my way. The woman could have been halfway intimidating if I hadn't left a white smudge on her sweater from my paint.
"Oops." I gestured to the spot and the sight of it seemed to piss her off even more. She huffed and stalked off, most likely to clean it.
"Long time no see, little one~"
"Never say that again. That was creepy." I said as I dug into my pocket for a face wipe. The paint was starting to itch.
Izaya smirked and looked at me with those sharp brown eyes of his. People say that's real
:iconmomoxchanny:MomoXChanny 2 18
Hikaru Juudai: ID by MomoXChanny Hikaru Juudai: ID :iconmomoxchanny:MomoXChanny 5 17 Don't mind me, I'm just lookin' like poo. by MomoXChanny Don't mind me, I'm just lookin' like poo. :iconmomoxchanny:MomoXChanny 1 10 Profile: Hikaru Juudai by MomoXChanny Profile: Hikaru Juudai :iconmomoxchanny:MomoXChanny 6 33


Seven minutes in Heaven-2P! Japan
~Beware...sexual themes~
You were a little annoyed at the fact your best friend _______ had got Kiku and that they were now going out but nonetheless, you still pulled something out of the bag.
"Ow..." You had pricked your finger on whatever the object was. You pulled it out and looked confused. A shuriken? But Japan had already been picked. You wondered who it was until you saw Alfred pale.
"Who is it?" You asked.
"Me." You turned round and saw who you thought was Kiku. But Kiku was sat on the other side of the room, talking to _______. You then took a closer look. He had red eyes.
"'re Kuro!" YOu said. He smirked and nodded.
"Took you long enough to figure out. Now get up." He said. You stood up and looked at him. His jeans were all torn up and he wore a black t-shirt with a picture of the rising sun symbol on it. He walked over to the closet door and opened it, looking at you. You walked inside and he followed, closing the door behind him. He probably knew that you liked
:iconilluminati-genius:Illuminati-genius 693 342
~The Best Friend~ Scotland x Reader Ch. 1
"Have you ever loved someone...
that was so close to you before....
but they were in love with someone else?
That's the life of the best friend."
~Allistor Kirkland

Chapter 1: The Boy
It all started in 7th Grade. That was when you met him.
You were woken up by your cat, Creamy, climbing on top of your body, stretching. "C'mon, [Name]! You're gonna be late for school! You're back from Spring Break, after all!" Your mom called. You opened your eyes, rubbing them, then looking at the alarm clock. 8:00. The bus came at 8:15. "OH SHI-" You pulled off the covers and ran to your dresser, pulling out your school uniform and pulling it on. You then threw on socks and your black school shoes, grabbed your bookbag and phone, then ran downstairs.
Your mom handed you a poptart, and you popped a piece of it into your mouth. "Have a good day at school, sweetie. Don't flirt with any boys!" She said, gicing you a fake evil eye. You laughed, swallowing the last of your poptart, and running
:icondementedstuffing:DementedStuffing 82 35
EnglandXPregnant!Reader Ch 1 ~Keep it a Secret
Your hands gripped the serene white edges of your sink as you stared at yourself –now dressed in a (f/c) bra and matching underwear. Your (h/c) hair hung around your face and your (e/c) eyes glared at your reflection. You were still having trouble coming to terms with the fact that you just slept with your best friend on accident. Especially since your boyfriend, Lovino, would hate you for it.
It had taken you so long to convince the Italian that you loved only him –and now look, you screwed it up by sexing up Arthur Kirkland –the man that caused weird flitting fairies to bounce around in your stomach when he smiled. You knew that you loved Lovino. But you weren't sure how Arthur fit into your realm of affections. You shook your head and nervously raked a slender hand through your tangled hair before standing straight and grabbing your shirt from the pile of clothing you had brought into the bathroom with you. You pulled on the overly large garment before cursing under y
:iconstellamarris:StellaMarris 117 75
Romano X Reader - Loving You
(Small warning for language. It is Romano after all.)
You knew you were supposed to be concentrating on what Gilbert was telling you. You knew it. But really, how could you resist that cute expression that Lovino was making? Even the albino's self proclaimed awesome couldn't keep your eyes away.
The boy in question was sat on one of the benches in the quiet area, the place that you and your friends went to have lunch. It was a nice, courtyard type place with benches and a small garden that only sixth formers were allowed to use. You kept glancing at him, only half listening to what the Prussian man before you was saying.
Lovino was looking at his phone with a huge blush on his cheeks, studying the words that were on the screen like they spelled his death. He had been texting someone for most of lunch, but until just now his expression had been mostly smirks and dark amusement. Now it seemed the tables had turned for whomever he was talking to.
"You aren't even listening, are you _____?
:iconanimeboyloveramy:Animeboyloveramy 421 47
DenmarkXReader Every King needs a Queen
     Your mom had agreed to let you go outside and play, so the first place you had decided to go to was the hill close to your house. The hill was quite a tall one with pretty, healthy, green grass and some flowers danced in the wind on the top. You ran up to the top, hoping that your best friend would be outside; the two of you would always meet on this hill. Now you raised a hand to your forehead to shield your eyes from the sun and peered around expectantly.
     "___!" a familiar voice shouted and you spun around. A very energetic boy short, wild blond hair and blue eyes was currently running at you at full speed. "What.. are you doing?" you shouted at him and squealed when the small boy jumped up and wrapped his arms around you, knocking the two of you onto the grass. "Mathias," you say with a giggle and look up at the older boy who was now on top of you. Denmark grinned widely and poked your nose. "Guess what I decided to do ___?
:iconpokemonsoulsm:pokemonsoulsm 413 83
stroke me by PixieCold stroke me :iconpixiecold:PixieCold 5,181 374 Tony Sinette by Royal-Crown-Psycho Tony Sinette :iconroyal-crown-psycho:Royal-Crown-Psycho 7 0 Stella Template - The Famiglia by SAKU02 Stella Template - The Famiglia :iconsaku02:SAKU02 31 13 Jeidon Potter by nerd-amplification-3 Jeidon Potter :iconnerd-amplification-3:nerd-amplification-3 18 1 Drrr Mirae by MiraeChaos Drrr Mirae :iconmiraechaos:MiraeChaos 5 28 Patrick Stump in Fall Out Boy by Figure102 Patrick Stump in Fall Out Boy :iconfigure102:Figure102 454 75 kkxterezi by infinitehearts kkxterezi :iconinfinitehearts:infinitehearts 17 2 Melody Rosetta-Lunete ID by xXangelbiteXx Melody Rosetta-Lunete ID :iconxxangelbitexx:xXangelbiteXx 6 5 Skrillex by FoxInShadow Skrillex :iconfoxinshadow:FoxInShadow 3,004 320


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Okay, all of you deserve an explanation:

-First of all, Superstorm Sandy FUCKED WITH MY POWER.

-Power comes back on.

-Much Rejoicing.


-That's okay, I still have my home computer!


-Gets a job.

-Buys new laptop.

-I'm back <3

... holy shit, I have over 5,000 notifications.

TO ALL I'M RPING WITH- lemme just get things figured out for a little before I continue XD

oh lord, this may take a while.


Mona Marie
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Mona Marie (No last name for you! :trollface:) but you guys can just call me Momo-Chan, alright?

I'm a girl full of character flaws, but I try my hardest to neutralize them.

I'll respond to comments and notes whenever I can, because support means the world to me!

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Messenger: (For RP ONLY) + ASK BEFORE YOU ADD ME! [my name is Mona Marie]

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